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5 Tips to Battle the Bloat

5 Tips to Battle the Bloat

July 22, 2017

Now that it’s July, many magazines have come out with ways to get your body bikini ready. If you’re like me, you don’t mind being a lab rat if it means you’ll come out feeling confident and looking hot poolside. Elle magazine recently posted an article with a few tips and tricks, with help from models like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Büdchen, on how to get bikini ready (if you’re not blessed with supermodel genetics).

The article lists 14 different steps but ain’t nobody got time for that! So I’ve chosen the top 5 that I believe are the most effective and will help to achieve my goal of looking my absolute best this summer:   

  1. Cut out Na: That’s sodium, if you’re not well-versed in the periodic table. Sodium retains water in the body so by limiting your intake, your body will naturally flush itself of excess water.
  2. Cut out Alcohol: Wait, what!? Yep, unfortunately alcohol is also a major bloat culprit.
  3. Avoid Carbs: Okay, now you’re probably wondering what is even left to eat!? While some carbs (think “good” carbs like whole grains, brown rice, oats, etc.) are part of a well-balanced diet, they are also filled with fiber. And fiber=bloating.
  4. Drink lots of water: This is something we should all already do! Water is good for your entire body – hair, skin, nails – so drink up!
  5. Go raw: Not forever! But a raw diet for a day or 2 will give your body a nice detox and flush out some of the yuck that may be causing you some bloating.


I decided that if I’m going to give this advice, I should probably put it to the test! Butttt nobody on the internet needs to see my stomach, so I had my ab-blessed friend try them out  Check back next week for her results!


Take it Easy,


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